• Probabilistic Record Linkage Algorithm
  • Deterministic Record Linkage Algorithm
  • Calculates distance between zip code centroids for use in probabilistic algorithm.
  • Jaro-Winkler string comparison (with prefix and long-string adjustments)
  • Phonetic name matching (Double Metaphone, NYSIIS and Soundex)
  • Approximate string matching and spelling distance algorithms
  • Nickname matching
  • Gender imputation for 20,000 names
  • Scaling of name weights (“Smith” receives less weight than “Freud”)
  • Powerful interface for manual review
  • Generates random samples of linked records for user validation of the process
  • “Presto” the data formatting wizard virtually eliminates the need to format your input dataset
  • Completely revised easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Link/Unduplicate datasets of virtually ANY size (up to 99,999,999 records).
  • New Preliminary Data Reports and Processing Protocols: Conserve CPU and Disk requirements when blocking and comparing
  • Prevent linking errors before they occur
  • Identify and eliminate “bad” SSN and DOBs
  • Conserve CPU and disk usage with “alias compression” Prior to blocking The Link King will use our new “alias compression” protocol to minimize resource use in blocking & comparing records. If your data has a lot of aliases, this feature can save a lot of time.
  • Create a “master” roster and update it as new information becomes available. Once a “master roster” is created and a “uniqueid” is established through Consolidation of your source data, the master roster can be re-input into The Link King as the “sample” and newly matched records will be appended without changing the original value for “uniqueid”
  • After mapping, the updated “master roster” will contain: All records originally in the “master roster” with newly matched records “folded” into the preexisting uniqueid.

  • Optionally, all unmatched records in the “matching” dataset will be appended and the “uniqueid” incremented as necessary.
  • Enhanced interface for manual review of uncertain pairs
  • Enhanced interface for manual review of cross-links (aka “chained links”)
  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

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